About CONFENIS 2013

The CONFENIS 2013 Conference is a joint effort of the University of Economics, Prague and the IFIP TC8 Working Group 8.9 on Enterprise Information Systems.

The seventh International Conference on Research and Practical Issues of Enterprise Information Systems, CONFENIS 2013, will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, September 11-13, 2013. CONFENIS, The Enterprise Information Systems International Conference on Research and Practical Issues of EIS, is a primary international event of the IFIP TC8 Working Group 8.9. This event provides an opportunity for academicians and practitioners throughout the world to gather, exchange ideas, and present original research in the field of enterprise information systems. Scientists and professionals are invited to address the current research topics in the area or the research frontier at this unique international forum.

Illustration, resource stocl.xchngThree major conclusions on the topic of ICT/ERP were confirmed at this conference:

  • ERP-implementation is not the goal but the means for achieving business objectives. The link between strategy, business processes and ICT stays crucial.
  • ERP sometimes is a vague term. It’s more than just enterprise software. ERP is not only about information, communication and technology but also about management, change and people.
  • It’s a challenge for organizations to communicate in a structured and systematic way with all stakeholders of the organization. Both external and internal stakeholders are of great importance for a business: customers, suppliers, partners, interest groups and (potential) employees. Enterprise information systems can play a major role in this aspect.